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Why Should You Study in Australia?

Renowned for its world-class universities, Australia is emerging as a popular study destination attracting an immense number of students from across the globe every year. The globally recognized Australian universities are committed to developing interactive learning environments for students who believe in the strength of creativity, preservation and sustainability. Seven of the Go8’s universities are in the world’s top 100 universities. The country offers affordable educational programs, simplified visa procedures, and a multicultural environment that is truly cosmopolitan to make every international student’s academic journey a memorable one. Endearingly referred to as ‘the Land of Oz’, Australia is filled with natural attractions, wide-open spaces and scintillating beaches. Here’s why you need to choose Australia to study abroad this coming intake!

✓ Top quality universities

✓ Cultural diversity

✓ Any major is welcome

✓ Easy access to student visas

✓ Internship Availability

✓ Easy communication

✓ Incredible work opportunities

High Quality Education

Choose from a wide range of courses and degrees

✓ Well-distinguished Australian Education System by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF)

✓ Multiple options available for specializations

✓ Switch easily between qualifications and universities

Admission Intakes in Austalia

Students can get admission in Australia in two semesters, although some universities offer admissions to students in the trimester system.

These Intakes are:

  • 1st Semester Intake

The deadline to apply in an Australian university for 1st semester falls in December.

  • 2nd Semester Intake

The deadline to apply for the 2nd Semester falls in May.

  • Trimester Semester Intake

These intakes are held in February, July and November.

Additionally, every university has their own preferences, thus, the application deadlines may vary from university to university. The intakes can also differ by the characteristics of the courses you desire.

Top Programs To Study

✓ Accountancy

✓ Actuarial Science

✓ Architecture

✓ Biomedical engineering

✓ Core engineering

✓ Computer science and information technology

✓ Psychology

Scholarships in Australia

Studying in Australia can be pretty expensive and hence there are several scholarships that are available for international students. Some of the scholarships are:

  • Australia Awards covers the full tuition fee and even provide the cover for travel and housing.
  • Endeavor PG Scholarship Awards.
  • Australia Government Research Training Program.
  • ANU Study Canberra India Scholarship
  • Macquarie University India Scholarship
  • Sydney Scholars India Scholarship Program
  • Monash Business School Undergraduate Scholarship
  • University of Adelaide Global Citizen Scholarship

Scope & Job Perspective After Education

The majority of international graduates say their studies in Australia were a real advantage for their career. So you can feel confident your studies will prepare you for future success. However, we believe your study isn’t just about gaining a qualification. It’s also about gaining skills, knowledge, contacts and experience to achieve success in the next phase of your life.Australia has a high employment rate due to low density of population, hence it provides a range of working options. International students can work while completing their studies and supplement some of the cost of attendance.

You may be eligible to undertake post-study work to put your newly gained knowledge to use and gain local work experience. Education providers and government bodies help connect students with potential employers at careers fairs, employment hubs, job boards and industry networking events in every state and territory. The support, advice and opportunities you access can be a real advantage as you launch your career.