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Profile Analysis

We understand that every student who plans to study abroad may have a lot of questions and clarifications. Our counseling team initiates the assessment of the information sheet duly filled up by the students and with the help of proper questioning techniques. During the discussion, the student is provided with information related to the intake dates and deadlines, Colleges/University policies and procedures, Costs of tuition fees, etc.

At Dream Ambassadors, we provide unbiased counseling to students as well as parents on their preferred country of study, institutions and the program of study. We evaluate individual students’ strengths, weaknesses, chances and interests apart from matching it with top universities where he/she has the maximum prospects of admission. We help candidates in every step of the admission procedure until they land at the university and maintain utmost confidentiality.

Career Counseling

We offer personalized counseling at your convenience; you will be able to determine which course and country is best suited as per your personal & financial strength & which universities you can do best at. We give choices in 100+ colleges across 10 nations.

This is the place where our Country Counselors assume a key part. They assess your profile and give their master counsel on Institutions and Courses abroad which eases out your course of shortlisting the nation and college. They guide you with choices applicable to your professional objectives as well as your monetary arrangement.

University Selection

Selection of country to study abroad is a vital choice as such we don’t restrict our advice just to the right nation and college decision, however, extend it to assist you with settling on the right ‘profession choice’.

There are several universities around the world. To limit the rundown to those of the main concern appropriate to your profile turns into an exhausting undertaking. Here’s the place where our instructive advisors assume an indispensable part. Our Admission Advisors who’re capable in profile examination will help you in shortlisting the choices applicable to your profile and inclinations by thinking about your instructive foundation and profession targets. They then, at that point, recommend programs in the nations and colleges that suits you the best. Sign up for a free meet and achieve your most aimed scholarly objectives by picking the best course- to fulfill your dream.

Admission Assistance

We are here to help and guide you in the Application and Admission Assistance. It not just mirrors your scholarly profile and subject interests which are to be considered in addition there are other various factors which reflects your persona. The college application needs knowledge in addition to your experience through the Statement of Purpose (SOP), Letters of Recommendation (LOR), Motivation Letter, Resume or Curriculum Vitae as well as other fundamental reports which are needed for your application to be shortlisted.

We give you complete rules for drafting SOP, LOR, Resume, Essays and for filling the application structures. You can utilize the total handholding right from screening your application to presenting it on the colleges.

Scholarship & Funding

We continue to refresh scholarships as and when they become accessible. Reach out to us on how to oversee funds for abroad schooling. Be it your individual accounting records or a bank credit, our experienced instructors will direct you how, where and when to get funds in comfortable way which is advantageous, ideal, and financially helpful way.

We have monetary establishments tied up prepared for your help. We are one of a handful of the instructive experts in India to offer this assistance for our extremely talented students to achieve their goal of abroad education.

Visa Guidance

Applying for a visa to a foreign country involves several formalities and elaborate paperwork. All the information about the latest visa regulations and required documentation is available with Dream Ambassadors. We help students to get their visa formalities completed with ease, by providing the right information and helping to compile all the requisite documents on time.

We offer extensive preparation for visa interviews for all education destinations. After all the paperwork is completed and submitted, students are given mock interviews and customized preparation for visa interviews. We provide information about the most common interview questions and situations that students encounter during a visa interview. We also guide you for better self-confidence, preparation, and presentation to help you succeed in the visa interview.

Dream Ambassadors

We are the first educational consultants in India providing Training, Consulting & Funding.

We provide limitless training open door opportunities abroad. We want to assist students with admission into best college college of their choice. We strongly believe in providing curated, selective and suitable education opportunities to students which enable them to take wise decisions.